About the Project


LIFELINES: Stories from the Human Safety Net is designed to show and tell about the ways in which social workers engage with diverse people and help them through real challenges at every stage of life.

LIFELINES aims to model excellence in reporting on sensitive issues like mental health and relationships, while illuminating the unsung profession of social work.

We hope that LIFELINES is a source of inspiration to students of social work and journalism since both fields are part of the human safety net.


LIFELINES was conceived and produced by Julie Drizin for the Journalism Center on Children and Families, with support from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Foundation.

Philip Merrill College of Journalism students Fatimah Waseem, Zoe King and Aysha Khan provided editorial assistance. Gail Woods Waller and Gregory Wright of NASW and Jeffrey Rosenberg of Crosby Communications provided strategic guidance.

This site was designed by Maria Averion, Averion Web Design.

What's Next?

LIFELINES: Stories from the Human Safety Net was published in November 2014 and will not be updated. Many of the stories included in this project will be distributed elsewhere with full credit to LIFELINES, JCCF and the NASW Foundation.

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