Journalists and social workers change lives

Journalists tell stories about the human condition. Social workers try to improve the human condition and help people change their life stories. Click on photos below to watch, read and listen to stories of transformation, stories that may even transform you or your ideas about social work.

Two women hold hands


Dive in. Get caught up in the human safety net | Get the story
Portrait of Pam McCrite superimposed over a streets cape with a church in Fulton, Kentucky.

Rural Poverty

No social workers in sight in this Kentucky county | Get the story
Gregory Bogert, client of SAGE.

LGBT Seniors

SAGE helps elders age with pride and community | Get the story
Social worker and students reach toward one another in a yoga pose.

Challenging Children

Mindfulness is special education at this alternative school | Get the story
dog tags and american flag

Military Kids

Public schools help students cope with loss and change | Get the story
Jason's giant hoop earring bearing the word "DOPE"

Transgender Identity

Survival is a struggle; support is a lifesaver | Get the story
Case manager Maria Felix talks to a mother and her son after he experiences a rough day at school. (Photo by Rebekah Zemansky)

Violencia Domestica

Bilingual shelter helps immigrant women find freedom from fear | Get the story
Parents and children enjoy each other's undivided attention.  (Photo by Melissa Bresnahan)

Parent University

Parents learn how to be their child's first teacher | Get the story

Urban Homelessness

It's getting harder to live on city streets | Get the story
portrait of Lila Katz

LGBT Refugees

Seeking asylum from anti-gay violence | Get the story
The girls visit the Statue of Liberty

Latina Teens

Girls battle depression, traditions and expectations | Get the story
Child abuse

Healing Child Abuse

This home helps children recover from trauma | Get the story
Group therapy sessions

Women in Recovery

Walking the talk means more than 12 steps to wholeness | Get the story
Two military veterans shake hands in from of the new housing complex built by rocker Bon Jovi.

Homeless Veterans

Helping soldiers find their way home | Get the story

Resources for Reporting

Strengthen your own reporting on the human safety net. Dig deeper. | Get the story

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